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"Messenger of The Way" by Dr. Gary Musgrave

God’s light radiating through the prism of man into the quantum pool of life – The Way to Better Health

About the Book

The “Messenger of The Way” is about the greatest story ever told. It is an analysis of who we are, where we have been, and where we need to go.

Within pages you are led into the seeing of your own soul’s light with tools that work immediately. You are given five principles that can be used to change yourself, your family, and ultimately the world.

The story reveals in concise short descriptions the peoples, societies, and religious philosophies of the inhabitants of the earth, so that you can see who you are in the sea of many.

Secrets are revealed, mysteries explained, and you are invited to be a part of it. Not by conceptualizing “The Power of Now” or by conceiving ascension like “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” but by allowing the reader to use tools to realize these beautiful concepts. There is a Way and this book can take you there.

How "Messenger of The Way" is different

"There are many great books and authors who have written about where the world is, where it should be, and how we as individuals must move our consciousness forward. But there are very few books that show us how to do that.

The “Messenger of The Way” is a how-to book. The book’s principles can be seen and utilized immediately. When people read about the colors and perform the techniques as described they will be amazed and challenged to continue to explore and discuss it with their family, friends, and hopefully, their God.

Herein lies the strength of this message: The techniques and principles apply to all. It encompasses diverse philosophies of the peoples of the world with respect and understanding.

There are immediate testable responses to the skill sets provided. This book could sit comfortably on retail shelves concerning; Philosophical, Religious, Spiritual, Esoteric, Self-Improvement, Health, Martial Arts, Sports, American Indian, Jewish, Muslim, Asian, and the philosophies of India."

- Dr. Gary Musgrave

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